Artificial White Quartz Slab with Grey Veins

Artificial White Quartz Slab with Grey Veins V011
Tone & Figure Consistent
Flatness <0.1mm
Angle <0.2mm
Density 2.3~2.5g/cm3
Slab Size Available (2800-3200)mm*(1200-1600)mm

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Artificial White Quartz Slab with Grey Veins V011


Quartz has become for the past several years one of the main options for kitchen and bathroom worktops. The fact that it can have the appearance of marble, but with improved characteristics, has made quartz one of the most sought-out solutions for kitchens and bathrooms. Before you decide to purchase. Artificial Quartz Stone Slabs for a work surface in your home or property, here are some advantages of Artificial Quartz Stone Slabs that you should be aware of.



Artificial White Quartz Slab with Grey Veins Usage



With grey veins, artificial white quartz slab V011 brings opulence and a sense of glamour to any kitchen or bathroom.


1. standard sizes for countertops:

96"x36", 96"x25-1/2", 78"x25-1/2", 78"x36", 72"x36", 96"x16",etc.

2. standard sizes for vanity tops:

25"x19"/22", 31"x19"/22", 37"x19" /22", 49"x19"/22", 61"x19"/22"(single or double sinks)

3. Payment Type: T/T, Western Union and Money Gram, L/C

4. Delivery time 15-30days depending on the order quantity

5. Packing Details:

6. Slabs:15-20pcs pack in a seaworthy bundle (after fumigation)

7. Cut-to-size:60-80pcs pack in a seaworthy crate (after fumigation)

8. Countertop, Vanity top:12-25pcs packed in seaworthy crates, each surface covered with PE film (after fumigation)




Q: Could we visit your factory?

A: Yes, anytime you want and we warmly welcome your visit. Our Add: B6 Yongquanshan Industrial Zone Shuitou Town, Nan’ an City, Fujian, China.


Q: Do I need to use a cutting board on top of my quartz countertop?

A: We recommend using a cutting board when preparing food on Artificial Quartz Stone Slabs, even though this countertop is very scratch-resistant.


Q: Do I need to take any precautions using my quartz countertops?

A: You will want to exercise caution when cooking near your new quartz countertops. The best practice is to use cutting boards, hot pads, and trivets between the hot kitchen tools and quartz countertops. This will save your quartz from warping or being otherwise damaged from extreme heat.


Q: How about the after-sales service?

A: We will be online all day long. Any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will do our best to assist you.




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